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CK6140 CNC lathe factory share machine stability and accuracy of the test

by:SNK     2020-08-31
CK6140 share stability and precision machine tool CNC lathe manufacturer inspection release date: 2015 - 08 - 19 clicks: 3117 times, nc a stability test stability of nc machine tools is one of the important indices for nc machine tool performance. If a nc machine tool can't keep work stably for a long time, the machining accuracy in machining process, changing to measure in the process of machining workpiece changes size, cause the loss of processing efficiency, which embodies the advantages of nc machine tools. In order to comprehensively and check the machine function and reliability, numerical control machine after the installation and debugging, shall be carried out under a certain load or no-load automatic test of a long period of time. GB9061 - automatically run time, the national standards In 88 regulation: CNC machine tools for more than 16 h ( Including 16 h) For continuous operation. During the run automatically and should not be any fault ( Human error caused the exception) 。 If a fault occurs, troubleshooting time can't more than 1 h, otherwise should start to run the test. Second, the precision of the numerical control lathe inspection 1, the geometric accuracy of CNC machine tool geometric accuracy of machine tool is the key to comprehensively reflect the device geometry error after mechanical parts and assembly. The basic properties of the nc machine tool inspection and testing method is the same as the ordinary machine tool, use testing tools and methods are similar, each independent inspection, but even more demanding. The detection tools used must be higher than the accuracy of the detection precision. The test project mainly include: (1) of X, Y, Z axis perpendicular to each other. (2) the spindle axis of the parallelism of workbench face. (3) the main shaft in the Z axis direction straightness (4) the main shaft of the axial and radial runout. 2, the positioning precision of nc machine tool inspection the positioning precision of nc machine tools is measured each coordinate axis in CNC machine tool control system can achieve the precision of location. According to the positioning accuracy of the measured values to determine whether a machine tool. The contents are as follows: (1) the feed shaft precision linear motion. (2) the repositioning precision linear motion. (3) linear motion axis precision mechanical zero return back. (4) head rotation accuracy. 3, cutting precision of the nc machine tool inspection machine tool cutting precision, also known as dynamic accuracy test, the essence of which is the geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy of machine tool in cutting of comprehensive inspection. Its content can be divided into 3 single cutting accuracy test and sample inspection (1) single cutting precision inspection include: line cutting, plane cutting accuracy, precision arc axis roundness and cylindricity and tailstock sleeve of slip plate moving parallel degree, thread detection etc. (2) comprehensive sample inspection: according to the content of the single cutting accuracy test, design a have included most of the individual to the workpiece cutting cutting processing, to determine the cutting precision of the machine tool. Related products: CK6140 CNC lathe
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