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CK6140 CNC lathe electric tool post typical fault diagnosis and maintenance

by:SNK     2020-08-26
CK6140 CNC lathe electric tool post typical fault diagnosis and maintenance release date: 2016 - 06 - 29 clicks: 1 2534 times, failure phenomenon, CK6140 CNC lathe tool post does not reach the designated position. Check and analysis: dispatch of contact and spring leaf pallets contact dislocation, should check whether the transmission is plate clamping nut is loose. Elimination method: readjust hair plate and spring contact position, the lock nut. 2, fault phenomenon: CK6140 CNC lathe tool post parity alarm. Check and analysis: numerical control lathe tool post parity alarm in use process, an odd number of knife potential positioning, and even the knife can't locate fault. At this point, the machine can work normally, from the analysis on macroscopic numerical control system fault. Learn from machine tool in the circuit diagram of PLC input signal from machine side, five Angle encoder signal wires. This is a 8421 code, in the process of tool post transformation, the four according to the different combinations of the change of the tool rest, rest parity signals to output. According to the fault phenomena analysis, when the lowest 634 line Angle encoder signal constant for & other; 1' , the tool carrier signal constant for odd number, without even signal, so the alarm. According to the above analysis, the PLC input parameters on the CRT out observation, the signal was constant for & other; 1' 。 Check the input voltage is normal, NC confirmed Angle encoder failure occurs. After changing a new integrated circuit block elimination method:, troubleshooting. 3, fault phenomenon: CK6140 CNC lathe tool post positioning is not allowed. After check and analysis: electric tool post rotation properly positioning, and choose cutter number error. According to the judgment, doubt is the positioning of electric tool post detecting element - hall switch is damaged. Open electric tool post end cover, check the switch hall element, found that the components of the circuit board is loose. Excluded methods: restore the loosening of the circuit board according to adjust good knife, the four hall element switch and the inductive components one by one, then lock nut, troubleshooting. 4, failure phenomenon: CK6140 CNC lathe tool rest not transfer ( General system will be prompted to rack position signal error) 。 After check and analysis: rest relay overload disconnect. The rest 380 v motor phase error. Due to the tool post only clockwise ( Tool post internal direction positioning mechanical agencies) Three phase, if wrong, a tool rest motor power is reversed, the rest can't. Tool carriage motor three-phase electric lacks, the rest position signal used in the 24 v power failure, the tool post on the central axis of thrust ball bearing axial positioning plate is killed, the bearing can not turn, makes the tool rest motor cannot drive head rotation. Remove the parts inspection, found that vibration caused by the tool post transposition, screw loosening, positioning key for a long time under the direction of the positive and negative tangential force, beer positioning key is damaged, nut and positioning plate moves down, put larger bearings under axial force, make its rotation. Within the control system & other; System position plate & throughout; Fault, after the head in place, & other; System position plate & throughout; Should be able to detect the tool rest position signal. Elimination method: check CK6140 CNC lathe high voltage lines, disassemble the tool rest, adjust the thrust ball bearing clearance, replacement of damaged parts, check the 24 v power supply, replace & other System position plate & throughout; 。
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