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CK6136 nc lathe spindle can't start the fault analysis and processing

by:SNK     2020-08-28
CK6136 nc lathe spindle can't start the fault analysis and processing of the release time: 2015 - 05 - 18 clicks: 3789 times using CK6136 nc lathe spindle suddenly appeared in a halt, the supply is normal, but the spindle motor can't start. A fault analysis, CK6136 nc lathe spindle can't start up the CK6136 nc lathe spindle driven by three-phase asynchronous motor, frequency control of motor speed. The cause of the problem is, 1) The motor itself fault; ( 2) Input signal is not reliable to frequency converter; ( 3) The inverter itself fault; ( 4) The faults of CNC system. Because of the frequency converter and the numerical control system itself has a high reliability, perfect protection and self-diagnosis function, low failure rate, and higher failure rate of external electrical components, so the analysis should first check the motor running state, and then analysis of the frequency converter input signal is normal, only when all the input signals are normal, can consider whether or not the fault caused by the frequency converter or numerical control system. Spindle can't start the fault phenomena have motors can be started only in one direction; (2) both positive and negative direction of motor can't start. If the spindle can't start the two directions, the cause of the problem may be one or more of the above four aspects of comprehensive; If can one-way start, you can rule out the possibility of motor and frequency converter failure. Second, CK6136 nc lathe spindle can't start the fault handling in order to ( 1) Check whether the motor is normal; ( 2) Check the inverter input signal is normal; ( 3) Check the frequency converter. The method to check the frequency converter control signal input is ( 1) From the frequency converter of FWD, REV, remove the signal cables on COM terminal; ( 2) Input forward instructions ( M03 S500) , system start button, observe the 24 v dc relay KA1 indicator, if the indicator shows that the numerical control system works well, relay KA1 work coil driver circuit is normal; If the light is not bright, that failure may be the relay KA1 coil driver circuit breaker; Bad or interlocking touch normally closed contacts; Or the numerical control system of PLC fault occurs. ( 3) FWD is measured with a multimeter Rxl block and COM terminal, if not conduction, explain the reason of the fault is relay KA1 bad touch normally open contacts or between FWD and COM circuit; If conduction, A11 is measured with a multimeter dc voltage 20 v block and output analog voltage between COM, if the voltage value of 2. Around 5 v, explain the reason of the fault is not in the numerical control system, and in the frequency converter; If analog voltage value is zero or low, explain the reason of the failure in the numerical control system. Check the reverse can make the input signal, the only need to input reverse instruction ( M04 S500) , observing 24 v dc relay KA1 indicator, measure the REV, COM terminal conduction between them, the rest is the same as the above method. Frequency converter fault may be caused by: ( 1) The parameters of the frequency converter set error; ( 2) Inverter hardware failure, you should reset the parameters of frequency converter, if can't solve the problem, that is the inverter hardware failure. Check inversion can make the signal, but no positive turn enabled signal, the fault reason is relay KA1 touch normally open contacts, after the replacement of KA1 system working properly.
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