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Car milling compound talk about car milling compound machining center CNC lathe manufacturer

by:SNK     2020-08-23
Car milling compound talk about car milling compound machining center CNC lathe manufacturer technical release date: 2019 - 01 - Author: 24 small make up click: car milling compound CNC lathe is a very typical and high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity, high automation, high flexible a car milling compound center. Car milling compound five-axis linkage milling machining center and CNC lathe is double spindle lathe composite performance on closer integration of today's advanced machine tools, to high precision, high quality, high complexity, small parts processing provides a better solution. With the rapid progress of the science and technology, many products are motors, miniaturization, lightweight direction. Appropriate to the often need a lot of small precision CNC machine tools to meet the needs of users. In the present China's machine tool products, but also very lack of such advanced CNC machine tools, in addition to the widely used in clocks and watches industry, medical equipment, auto parts manufacturing, and other light industry department, can also be used for aerospace, weapons, ships and other processing of many sophisticated national defense field special parts, such as flight control gyroscope, air-to-air missile inertial components, aerospace connector, aircraft engine disk shaft parts, aircraft engine nozzle, leaf, and hydraulic instrument precision parts, electromechanical liquid gas light on a variety of sophisticated pieces, etc. , is currently on the market for small sophisticated zero for processing high quality machine tools. Car milling compound machining center, no special requirements of nc machine tools, but at least provide a Y axis movement. The rotation of the workpiece to transfer need the feed speed of milling cutter ( Power) , provides the C axis movement. Artifacts, however, to achieve the cutting speed is measured in ipm rather than a lathe with the SPM counts ( This means that the artifacts in car milling compound machining center, the cutting speed is much lower than when turning) 。 But, the Y axis movement is needed, because when the milling cutter have to do a lot of eccentric processing. In eccentric machining and the cutting tool, and cannot be processed to the requirements of parts size, because the cutting tool in the center, the center of rotation of the tool center and parts just intersect, cutting tool can only use their face, That cannot be cutting) A cutting edge cutting, not with it. Properly in order to ensure the cutting blade for cutting, the cutting tool center line will have to shift part rotation center to a quarter of the diameter of the cutting tool. In car milling compound machining center, there are three kinds of cutting tools can be used effectively, the main reason is the use of wipers blade or cutting edge. The car - End face milling cutter in milling processing, can undertake large plane or overloading interrupted cutting. Insert vertical milling cutter for milling steps. Using integral vertical milling cutter machining cylindrical parts and fine milling deep narrow slot, etc. Above the wipers blade structure of cutting tool, is through the tool from two of the four cutting edges to the depths of the parts into the cutting line, achieve high efficiency and high precision processing. But using this method, the cutting tool is close to a step and a groove when two processing side, there will be a problem. After the eccentric tooling at this moment, many a rounded corners will be left on the surface of the parts. For processing the rounded corners, tool must carry out the second processing. At this time is no longer needed tool deflection, along the Y axis will tool to move to the center of the parts for processing. And the so-called secondary processing, not to cutting metal materials ( Sometimes need to leave some allowance for processing) Unless required steps must clear the root, and it is not allowed in actual use. In car milling compound machining center, a while makes people dissatisfied with it do not change the fact that is out of shape error of machining parts. Peripheral milling, the milling cutter in the surrounding parts will inevitably in the workpiece surface formed some regular interval scalloped traces. This error cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be used to effectively control the use of wipers blade. A wipers blade is a followed by other blade, the cutting edge in the width direction, slightly prominent, the surface of the blade cutting edge was extended to machining parts, the processing of new cutting surface, will be leveled a some fan traces slightly.
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