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Car milling compound CNC lathe why there are unstable size

by:SNK     2020-08-28
Car milling compound CNC lathe why there will be a dimension unstable release date: 2020 - 03 - 20 author: click: with the continuous development of modern mechanical industry, numerical control machine tool because of its good security, the characteristics of high precision and flexible technology etc, are widely used in various industries, but both simple numerical controlled machine tool and complete functions of CNC machine tools or machining centers, more or less lost some steps, such as machine tools, machining dimension unstable phenomenon, the operator is very confused. Especially in the simple nc machine tool, the problem is more outstanding. So car milling compound CNC lathe instability 'size' is caused by what reason? By CNC numerical control lathe factory today to tell you that the numerical control machine tool of the main causes of unstable 'size', mainly has the following several aspects: on the solution of the common one, workpiece size accurate, poor surface finish of the cause of the problem: the blade is damaged, not sharp; Machine tool to produce resonance, placed unstable; Machine tools have a crawl phenomenon; Processing technology is bad. Solution: if you don't sharp tools after worn or damaged, please select a better tool to sharpen or toward a knife; Machine tool resonance or place is not stable, adjust the level, groundwork, fixed stability; Mechanical creep, is the cause of scraper guide rail wear serious, screw ball wear or loose, should pay attention to machine maintenance, should be clean steel wire after work, and in a timely manner to add lubricant to reduce friction; Select the appropriate cooling fluid on the workpiece processing, in order to meet the requirements of other processes, as far as possible choose higher spindle speed. 2, artifacts produced taper size head phenomenon failure reason: the machine is placed horizontal adjustment is not high, held high, lead to an unstable place; When the long axis of rotation, the contribution of the material is hard, draft depth of the cutter is larger, the cutter phenomenon. The tailstock thimble is different from the spindle. The solution: use level to adjust the levelness of the machine tool, to lay a solid foundation, fixed machine tool to improve its toughness; Choose reasonable technology and appropriate cutting feed, avoid tools hard let loose; Adjust the tailstock. 3, driving phase modulation is normal, and the size is small and the cause of the problem: machine dragging plate at high speed for a long time, lead to the screw, and bearing wear, Use for a long time to cause a decline in repositioning precision of the tool carrier. Every time dragging plate can accurately returns to the processing and the starting point, but the size of the machining is still in the change. This kind of phenomenon is caused by the spindle, spindle bearing severe wear, high speed rotation of machining dimension changes. Metal processing WeChat, content is good, worthy of attention. Solution: use dial indicator on the bottom of the tool rest, and through the system editor fixed loop program, to check the repositioning precision of the slide, adjust the guide screw clearance, and replace the bearing; Using a dial indicator check the repositioning precision of the tool rest, adjust the machine or replace the tool rest; Using a dial indicator check artifacts are accurate starting point of the return process, if possible, and then repair spindle, replace the bearing.
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