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Car milling compound CNC lathe factory talk about high precision CNC lathe thread connection

by:SNK     2020-08-31
Car milling compound manufacturers talk about high precision numerical control lathe numerical control lathe thread connection release date: 2019 - 02 - 28 author: small make up click: high precision CNC lathe is currently one of the more widely used high precision CNC lathe. High precision CNC lathe is mainly used for shaft parts or plate parts inside and outside the cylinder, taper Angle of inside and outside the cone surface, complex rotary inside and outside surface and cylindrical, conical thread cutting, and can carry out cutting, drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, etc. High precision CNC lathe is programmed according to the prior processing program, automatically to be processing parts processing. We put the parts of the processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the instruction code and procedures prescribed by the high precision CNC lathe format write into the processing program list, high-precision CNC lathes and the program list the contents of the records in the control medium, and then input to the high precision numerical control lathe numerical control device, thereby command machine parts. High precision CNC lathe is used by either dc or ac control unit to drive main shaft, according to the control instruction as infinitely variable speed, the spindle between don't need to use multilevel variable speed gear pair. To enlarge the speed range, usually through the level of gear pair, now in order to realize the subsection stepless speed regulation, even so, the structure of the inside of the head of a bed is much simpler than the traditional lathe. Another structure characteristics of the CNC lathe is stiffness big, this is in order to match the accuracy control of the control system, in order to adapt to the high precision machining. How high precision CNC lathe thread connection? Threaded connections is to use high precision CNC lathe has a threaded parts detachable connection. Is characterized by simple structure, convenient installation, reliable operation, wide range of use. High precision CNC lathe whorl most of the existing national standards, design personnel is mainly according to the requirement of the threaded connection, select the appropriate thread type, connecting method and determine the size of the threaded connection. Car milling compound CNC lathe manufacturer of CNC lathe processing, in addition to the loading and unloading parts, keyboard operation, observe the operation of the machine, other machine movement is according to the processing procedure for automatic continuous cutting, the operator does not need to be heavy repeated manual operation. Ordinary lathe to manual process of manual operation, including the workpiece clamping, cutting feed, such as: size measurement of the CNC lathe processing, after a good program, just need the clamping workpiece, the other by the machine automatically, greatly reduces the labor intensity. Because do not need to online measurement and human intervention, CNC lathes are generally adopts closed structure, prevent scraps and coolant drain, and reduces the noise. To improve the working conditions.
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