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Beginners to the operation of the CNC lathe which attention should be paid to the debug?

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Beginners to the operation of the CNC lathe which attention should be paid to the debug? Release date: 2019 10 - 23 clicks: 357 times a beginner to the operation of the CNC lathe which attention should be paid to the debug? CNC lathe lathe main points: 1. Spindle and the spindle box of CNC lathe spindle rotation accuracy has a great influence for precision machining parts, and its power, turning speed etc for machining efficiency has a certain influence. Numerical control lathe spindle box, if it is with functions of automatic control level of numerical control lathe, the spindle box of the transmission structure is simplified. With manual operation and automatic control for the processing of double function transformation type numerical control lathe, basically the original spindle box is still in reserve. 2. Guide of CNC lathe guide provides guarantee for the feed movement. To a great extent on the rigidity of the lathe, precision and low speed have effects on the stability of feed, which is one of the important factors affect the quality of the parts processing. In addition to the part of the numerical control lathe used the traditional sliding guide rail, finalize the design production CNC lathe has more. The pasting model of guide rail 3. Mechanical transmission mechanism in addition to the part of in the headstock gear transmission institutions such as, CNC lathes have been done on the basis of the original engine lathe transmission chain some simplified. Cancelled the hanging round box, feed box, slip board box and the vast majority of the transmission mechanism, and retain only the longitudinal and transverse feed screw transmission mechanism, and the driving motor to the screw of the added can eliminate the clearance between the gear pair. For starters, in the process of the operation of the CNC lathe, because not familiar with, not serious, carelessness or not according to the specification, such as the operation would be wrong with a knife and dangerous, and so on and so forth. Familiar with CNC lathe operation is not for the first contact lathe operator, the specific function of machine tool and the performance of each button is not very clear, so will always appear some wrong operation. Such as & other; +” “ - ” The direction of movement make a mistake. For some of these wrong operation, we ask everyone in the beginning, do not use mobile button quickly and try to control, use the handwheel and turn the handwheel rate down as far as possible. In elastic chuck and measurement artifacts, requirements as far as possible to & other; EDIT” Program edit mode, in order to prevent the accident button, the machine suddenly start to cause dangerous. At the beginning process, familiar with panel lock machine protection to the work condition, in order to prevent the machine tools when distance alarm for wrong operation. In addition, fill in the input knife, sometimes will & other; +” No lose & other; - ” Number, in this way, easy to cause the machine start after tool directly into the workpiece and chuck, workpiece scrapped, tool damage, such as machine tool chuck crashed accident. So, we must be careful when input are required. In the debugging of CNC lathes, to create psychological adjustment, no hurry not rashness cultivation specification of debugging action: 1. Must beat G0 speed selector switch on 25% file, make knives at a slower rate close to the workpiece, otherwise, if the cutter knife bias incorrectly, cutting tool from the tool change very fast movement in G0 way to feed point, may be strong to collide and artifacts, disoriented, let operators to eliminate danger; Instead we make tool at a slower speed approached, even if the cutter deflection value is wrong, we also have plenty of time to adjust. 2. When the machine is moving, the operator must always observe the change of cutter coordinates on the screen and the procedure of coordinates and tool motion coordinates are consistent. 3. Must be locked in the process of debugging and running press these two keys, observe the simulated graphics in conformity with the actual graphic is.
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