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Analyze the nc vertical lathe clamping device and the clamping design matters

by:SNK     2020-08-24
Analyze the nc vertical lathe clamping device and the clamping design matters release time: 2019 - 10 - 08 clicks: 312 analyzes nc vertical lathe clamping device and the clamping design issues of nc vertical lathe chuck is called elastic clamp or collet. Is a device used to stand on the a to tighten drill is a kind of cylindrical fixture. Is also a kind of used to fixed modification of parts of a fixed device. Numerical control lathe chuck also has the same characteristics, its role is to tighten and clamping of the corresponding artifacts. CNC vertical lathe chuck's three main parameters is precision, clamping force and clamping range. Accuracy is used to control the clamping handle class tools to beat, so as to ensure the accuracy of hole processing. Clamping force is to ensure that the clamping handle tools is not sliding, prevent due to the slippage of handle class tools will not work. Generally be used on the bench drill chuck accuracy requirement, and applied to drill chuck precision is relatively lower. Clamping range is used to control clamp clamping tool to the minimum and maximum diameter, in order to meet the needs of the work. Under normal circumstances, the maximum clamping range is larger than the specifications of the chuck only 0. About 5 mm. If super big, will be much waste material, improve the production cost of chuck. Minimum clamping range in theory it is possible to is very small, but too young to make the manufacturer's rejection rate rise, increase the cost. So integrated various aspects situation, 6, 10, 13, 16, 20 mm collet clamping range is 0. 8 - 6, 0. 8 - 10, 1. 5 - 13, 3 - 16, 5 - 20 is quite reasonable. Modern complex manufacturing environment, most of the factories are after strict training, the earnest study some new equipment processing and motion principle, architecture characteristics and use of skills, only in this way can convenient operation. Especially for some higher-end technology system, for example in a lot of machine tools will be applied to the clip, it is flexible, and therefore was called elastic clamp, is a device used to fixed some parts of the fixed. It also can be divided into many types of classes, such as pneumatic chuck, common collet chuck, clamping clip of the first class. Although very small, but has played a large role in the mechanical movement, as some of the machine internal valve spring, and the control of automobile clutch in spring, they can control the movement of the machine. Another buffer spring, because it exists in the some games device internal force, its role is to be able to absorb the vibration and impact energy. In some of the more delicate things mechanical clock spring, it can store and converts the energy of output power. Now the age is also a mechanical age, all kinds of mechanical processing and manufacturing is becoming more and more out of the limitations of the original more novel and effective. CNC vertical lathe clamping fixture design should pay attention to the following: 1. CNC vertical lathe fixture should be set on the origin ( The knife point) 。 2. The lathe fixture guide without setting tools. This is because the numerical control machine tool processing, machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece keep strictly the coordinates of the relationship, between cutter and workpiece without guide device to determine its location and position. 3. Machine often need the workpiece processed in several directions, so the numerical control machine tool fixture should be open. 4. Lathe should choose as far as possible on the adjustable clamp, assembling and modular fixture. For nc machine tools on the workpieces, often is a single small batch production, must adopt flexible fixture, short preparation time. 5. CNC vertical lathe clamping fixture should be solid and reliable, easy to operate. The position of the clamping elements should be fixed to prevent in the process of automatic processing, components into the tool.
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