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Analyses numerical control milling composite malfunction occurs through the machine

by:SNK     2020-08-26
Shallow of nc milling complex machine tool causes of colliding and release date: 2020 - 06 - 18 author: click: compared with the ordinary machine tools, CNC milling complex machine tools with high precision, good dimensional stability, workers labor intensity is low, is advantageous for the modern management. But due to improper operation or programming errors, easy to make knives or head hit the workpiece or machine tools, light person is damaged knives and machining parts, the person that weigh will damage the machine components, make the nc car milling compound machining precision of machine tool is lost, and even cause accidents. Ramp from the viewpoint of keeping precision CNC lathe brand, in the use of dongguan compound CNC milling machine tool, absolutely can't make the cutting tool and machine tool or workpiece collisions. Here, in view of the Posen induction and analysis of NUMERICAL control collide knife, hope will be helpful to you. Ramp didn't lock the nc lathe brand simulation. Since composite numerical control milling machine tool software is adopted to lock, in the simulation process, when the run button in the simulation interface is not intuitive to see whether machine tool has been locked. Simulation is often not the knife again, if there is no lock machine tool operation, easily happened colliding. So before the simulation processing should confirm the machine is locked to the running interface. Forget to switch off empty running in the process. Due to the composite numerical control milling machine tool in process simulation, to save time often empty operation through. Empty running means that all movement axis machine running at a speed of G00. If in dealing with space and time are not closed on the switch, the machine will ignore a given feed rate, and running at the speed of G00, resulting in impact and the impact of the machine. Not to go back to the reference point after empty running simulation. In calibration procedure when the machine was locked, and the cutting tool relative workpiece machining in the simulation run, Absolute and relative coordinates in the change) , which coordinates do not tally with the actual location, must use the method of return reference point, ensure the mechanical zero point coordinates are in accordance with absolute and relative coordinates. If found no problem after check program for machining operation, will cause a collision of the cutting tool. Distance to lift in the right direction. When car milling compound machine tool overtravel, should hold the overtravel remove button, using hand or hand in the opposite direction, which can be eliminated. But if the direction of the lift opposite, will damage to machine tool. Because when press the distance to lift, machine tool does not make sense to distance protection, distance protection of travel switch is at the end of the trip. Now it continues to move over travel direction may lead to the workbench, eventually pull bad screw, machine tool damage. Line specifies runtime inappropriate position of the cursor. Line specifies runtime, often starts down the cursor location. Used for lathe, need to call value cutter knife, if there is no call tool, run the program section of the tool may not have to tool, probably the colliding accidents caused by different cutting tools. On the processing center, CNC milling machine, of course, must call first coordinate system, such as G54 and the length of the cutter compensation value. Because the length of each knife compensation values are not same, if not call may also be caused by knife.
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