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About small CNC lathe

by:SNK     2020-08-24
About the purpose of the small CNC lathe release date: 2019 - 05 - 05 author: small make up click: numerical control technology is the base of modernization of mechanical processing and key technology. Application of numerical control processing can greatly improve the productivity, stable machining quality, shorten the processing cycle, increase the production of flexible, realize the automation of of all kinds of complex precision parts processing, easy to implement computer management in the factory or workshop, but also reduce the total number of workshop equipment, save manpower, improve working conditions, conducive to speed up product development and upgrading, improve the enterprise's ability to adapt to the market and increase enterprise economic benefits. The application of the numerical control processing technology, make mechanical processing of a large number of the preparation and machining process etc, make the parts of the computer aided design ( CAD) , a computer aided process planning ( CAPP) And computer-aided manufacturing ( CAM) The integration to become a reality, make machining flexible automation level enhances unceasingly. Nc technology is the important strategic development of military industry technology. In the United States and western countries, high-grade CNC lathes and machining technology has been have restrictions in our country, because of many advanced weapons and equipment manufacturing, such as aircraft, missiles, tanks and other key parts, cannot leave the high performance CNC lathe processing. Aerospace, energy, transportation and other industries in China are introduced from the west some high-grade CNC equipment, such as five coordinate lathe but its use is limited by monitoring and abroad, are not allowed to be used for military purposes of parts processing. All that nc machining technology plays important role in national defence modernization. For metal cutting efficiency, material, cutting tool and cutting condition are three main factors. This determines the small CNC lathe processing time, tool life and processing quality. Economic and effective processing method must be the selection of proper cutting conditions. Cutting condition of three elements: the cutting speed, feed and cutting depth as a direct result of tool damage. With the increase of cutting speed, needle point temperature rise, lead to mechanical, chemical, thermal wear. When the cutting speed increased by 20%, the knives' service life will reduce 1/2. Feed conditions and tool wear back relationship will produce in small range. But the feed rate, cutting temperature, wear a big back. Its effect on cutting tool is less than the cutting speed. The influence of cutting depth on cutting tools is better than cutting speed and feed, but when the cutting depth is small, the hardening layer of cutting material will also affect the service life of cutting tools. Users should according to the material, hardness, cutting condition, material type choose cutting speed, feed and cutting depth. On the basis of this choice the suitable technological conditions. Regular, stable wear to reach the ideal state of life. However, in practice, the selection of tool life and tool wear, machining, surface quality and dimensional change cutting noise, heat processing and other factors. When determining the processing conditions, research must be conducted according to the actual situation. For difficult-to-machine materials, such as stainless steel and heat resistant alloy, coolant or rigid blade can be used. Small CNC lathe base using resin sand casting, whole strong impact resistance, deformation small lathe, guarantee the high rigidity and high precision lathe. Widely used in electronics, communication, fax machines, printers isometric shaft parts processing. Temporary lathe control system equipped with a new generation of Taiwan system ( Optional other systems) 。 Main electric equipment adopt Japan's tokugawa servo motor drive, inspiring, inspiring frequency converter and other world famous brand electrical components. Transmission part adopt Taiwan famous brand Hiwin/PMI high-precision P3 ball screw and guide rail. Machine lubrication method adopting automatic intermittent lubrication system, intermittent time can be controlled by the system. Fully protected, the beauty is generous.
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