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About nc lathe system external breakdown maintenance is introduced

by:SNK     2020-08-29
About nc lathe system external breakdown maintenance release date: 2018 - 03 - 23 clicks: 2340 times due to the reliability of modern nc lathe system is more and more high, the system itself fault is more and more low, while most of the fault is caused by the system itself. Nc lathe system external fault refers to as detection switch, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, electric actuators, and cause the problems of mechanical device and so on. Numerical control lathe was first put into use, the system restarts, when the power must be returned to the reference point. When in manual mode after the axis shift to the interference zone, make each shaft back to reference point. Otherwise, it may crash. So, a day after the processing, the best move the axis of the machine tool to a safe place. At this time won't appear again after operation or power problems. External hardware operation caused by fault is a common fault in nc repair. Are generally due to the detection switch, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric actuators, caused by the problems of mechanical device. This kind of failure some can look for the cause of the problem through the alarm message. For general nc system has function of fault diagnosis or alarm information. Maintenance personnel can use the information means to narrowing the scope of diagnosis. And although some fault alarm information display, but it does not reflect the true cause of the failure. At this moment need to solving according to the alarm information and fault phenomenon. Has some fault not malfunction alarm information, just action cannot be completed, at this time will be according to the maintenance experience, the working principle of machine tool and judgement to the analysis of PLC operation. Repair for CNC lathe, it is important to found the problem. Especially CNC lathe external faults. Sometimes diagnosis process is complicated, but once found the problem, it is simpler. External fault diagnosis should comply with the following two principles. Must first master the working principle of machine tool and action sequence. Next, want to make use of PLC ladder diagram. The status display function of NC system or closed to PLC programmer monitoring running state, generally as long as you follow these principles, careful, general CNC faults will be ruled out in time. CNC lathe external fault can be divided into soft fault and external hardware damage caused by hard fault. Soft fault is due to improper operation, adjustment process, this kind of failure occurs at the early stage of the equipment used or equipment using personnel adjustments. For numerical control system, and the other a place easily out of order of the servo unit. Because of the axis movement is driven by servo unit control servo motor ball screw. Using rotary encoder as speed feedback, with grating ruler for position feedback. Generally easy to out of order place for rotary encoder and the servo unit driver module. There are individual is caused due to the power supply system chaos. Especially for the system with computer hard disk to save data.
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