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A few of the nc vertical lathe 'efficient' use advice

by:SNK     2020-08-28
Several CNC vertical lathe 'efficient' use suggested release date: 2019 - 03 - 20 clicks: 2397 times of several CNC vertical lathe & other Efficient & throughout; Use suggested CNC vertical lathe, also called vertical CNC lathe, the lathe axis perpendicular to the horizontal plane, a large diameter circular table, used for clamping workpieces. This kind of machine is mainly used for processing the radial size and axial size is relatively small large, complex parts. CNC vertical lathe the efficient use of note: & middot; Automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database for cutting workers can only rely on experience and eye view, a manual approach operating CNC vertical lathe, cannot achieve automatic perforation and automatic cutting, cutting consumption efficiency of nature is very low. · When cutting way of using cut set, using the way of cutting is too simple, all individual parts to punch, and are in good condition for cutting, without using the total edge, borrow edge, bridge and other high efficient cutting way, lead to low cutting efficiency and cutting mouth consumables ( Especially the plasma cutting nozzle) Loss is serious. Good to pay more attention to above points, the efficiency of using nc vertical lathe and material will be greatly improve! · The stability of the numerical control system as a result of the numerical control system CPU and disk fever, lead to system instability, not full-time job; Or fan wear, hard disk vibration damage or infection virus, results in the stagnation of the machine, it is also possible that the numerical control cutting control software flaws in the system, rendering trouble or cutting error, also be delayed cutting efficiency, influence the cutting quality. · Nesting software application is not using nesting software, but on the CNC system calls to stop the manual programming, parts or read in parts stop parts cut, such not only a waste of time, also more waste material. So device nesting software, save time and material. CNC vertical lathe in machining process also note: 1. Production workers must query and master the package insert rules and requirements as well as the structure of the machine function to use; 2. Machining process, strictly enforce process discipline, see drawings, grasp control point, the roughness of the parts and the relevant parts of the technical requirements, identify good workpiece machining process; 3. Overload shall be forbidden to use machine tools, are not allowed to be driven by the machine moving parts push/pull artifacts are find; 4. Before you start the mobile/axis machine tool, to ensure that no obstacles around the interference, no personnel go for a walk or stay, to avoid human injury. To observe the axis position, run to the limit position to slow down while go slow, no special need, can't crash hard limit; 5. In the machine's operation, not allowed to touch the movement of the workpiece and tool, no measurements in operation, banned across the machine tool transmission part of the transfer or the tools, and other items. Careful observation in the manufacturing process of cutting and cooling condition, ensure the normal operation of the machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece quality. And close the door to avoid iron filings, lubricating oil.
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